Monitoring your system / service health and displaying status / graph in various dashboards.
  • Customizable dashboards designed for displaying on a big screen TV.
  • Displaying service center health in US or world map.
  • Displaying service status page (with multiple checkpoint for each service)
  • Monitoring various AWS metrics
  • Displaying CloudWatch ec2 instance metrics (using tags to identify what instance to monitor)
  • Checking any website health and saving the result to AWS CloudWatch
  • Display multiple boards in a cycle


Automatically create backups and snapshots of your EC2 instances, route 53 zones and self backup/restore. Delete old snapshots to conserve space usage.
  • Backup and create snapshots for your EC2 instances with specific tag.
  • Backup route 53 zones to S3.
  • Self backup to S3 and allow you to restore server configuration from the backup.

Easy to Setup

With an easy to use administrator interface, creating / managing your custom dashboards and backup operations are simple and efficient.

Why Use OpsWatch?

Built for DevOps in the Cloud

It is built based on day to day DevOps experience to operate production environments in AWS.


With user friendly interface for adding, configuring widgets, it is extremely easy to create your own dashboards for your NOC. Using AWS tag to identify EC2 instances for backups and monitoring, you don't need to worry about loosing data and instance monitoring when a new instance is started.


The server is running within your infrastructure under your own AWS account. No public internet access is required. The dashboards can only be accessed by the authorized users. The administration interface is closed to normal dashboard user.


You only pay AWS instance price. You can add unlimited dashboards and monitoring metrics as long as your instance type can support it.